Living in Lagos can be really stressful. From waking up at 4:30 am so as not to get to work late, to spending hours in traffic on my way back home; I hate my life in Lagos, but this is where I’d rather be. Where else will I earn more than N200,000 per month as a mid-level officer? To ensure my stress in Lagos is not in vain, I have committed to saving as much as I can and that means cutting off some unnecessary expenses, including laundry cost. My washing machine has helped a great deal in this respect but a major challenge persists; how do I straighten those shirts and make them look perfect for Monday?

In the last five years, I have spent more than N1 Million on laundry, despite having a washing machine the whole time. Some say I spend so much on laundry because I wash my suit too often. “You don’t need to wash them more than once or twice a year,” a colleague turned friend often say. But it’s not the suit or the agbadas and kaftans I wear to Church or owanbes that make my laundry expense so huge, it’s the shirts. I wear five shirts a week and it costs N350 to make them clean for the next use. Despite the stress of commuting during the week, scrubbing the collars and sleeves of my shirts is something I enjoy doing (considering how easily my collar fades when drycleaners are in charge), but ironing the shirts is always a struggle. The only thing I hate more than ironing my shirts is taking the last bite of a piece of fried chicken from CR. Imagine I could invest a lump sum in getting a machine that irons my shirts just like I got one that washes my trousers, t-shirts and underwear?

My friend in the UK speaks of a machine that takes up to 12 shirts at once. “All you do is hang the damp shirts on the exposed rail. You press go and the machine irons them all,” he says. “But it won’t hit the market until 2019.”

I can’t wait!

What if someone made such machine here in Nigeria. Ensure it does not need so much energy that it works even with the I pass my neighbor generator? If you can, your first customer is here (**raise hand smiley**). And I have 20 other friends ready to buy.

Nigerians are innovative and I won’t be surprised if someone takes me up on this challenge. Maybe when the abroad guys that wants to hit the market with their ironing machine in 2019 eventually do, we’ll be almost ready to launch our own too.

The best part of this for me is that if I buy the ironer or whatever they call it when it comes, it wouldn’t cost more than N100,000 and I believe, like my washing machine, it should be able to serve me for more than five years without fail. I’d be saving N180,000 per year, even if my energy cost increases as a result. Say bye to a major contributor to stress for me in Lagos.