Yep, it sounds crazy. After all, the whole idea behind adverts is to interrupt people. In other words, make sure the advert captivates them so much that they stop what they’re doing to stare at your advert in awe. Yeah, that hardly happens. A better strategy will be to think about taking a ‘you’re already here’ approach.

For instance, if you wanted to target the working class, especially in a busy city like Lagos, setting up your campaign at a bus-stop can get their attention. During rush hour, they’ll be stuck for hours trying to get a bus, so why not take the opportunity.

Now the aim is not to share flyers or blast music until their ears bleed. Please try not to traumatize prospective customers. The goal is to let your audience experience the brand in an unforgettable way. This can be done by incorporating virtual reality, organizing competitions that encourage participants to win gifts or create an atmosphere where people can bond after work by creating something together.

Whatever you decide to implement, your brand and target market will determine the nature of the activity as well as the location to situate the campaign.

Also, you can consider creating an educational experience!

All brands have a unique selling proposition. Highlighting the features of your product online can be terrific, but ensuring the audience feels, touches and uses the product can be a game changer. You can use the campaign to create teachable content that helps prospective customers understand and enjoy your product. This will probably be a good time to insist you do not bore people to death with a lecture. If that was the initial plan, abort mission!

Don’t give a lifeless sales pitch, demonstrate how the product works by designing or presenting scenarios in which your product can solve real-life problems. As always, feel free to be creative. For instance, if the goal is to launch an app, let participants use the app at the event for a chance to win a free gift. Not only do they eventually understand how the app works, they also get to win a gift that connects them to the experience.

You can also encourage people to post pictures of themselves implementing tasks or taking part in competitions highlighting the features of your product. This ensures participants are engaged, their followers on social media are intrigued and features of your product are exposed to their followers. A successful viral marketing campaign might just help you smile to the bank.