See, we really don’t know who sets up the fixtures for the EPL but what we do know is that the person, or algorithm, isn’t nice at all.

Man Utd, with a not so decent transfer window, kicks of the league against Ahmed Musa’s Leicester; surely a master class from Alhaji Musa a la Nigeria Vs Iceland Incoming … wait, but he’s been shipped to Al Ain in Saudi, sigh. United for the win.

Anyway, when the 2018/2019 English Premier League season kicks off on Friday, no fewer than 394 Enovate-d managers will be going for the kill as the Enovate x SociaLiga Fantasy Premier League makes its debut.

Some will claim to be able to give Pep talks, others will bash their players like Mou, there’d also be Sarri ball. Bliss!

But first, what really is this Enovate x SociaLiga Fantasy Premier League that’s being bandied everywhere? Peep this;


EnoLiga; nobody knows what it is, but its provocative…

EnoLiga, as we like to call it, is a very exciting online game that will ensure football lovers and followers are rewarded for doing what they love- playing fantasy football online.

The Fantasy Premier League is an online game that accords millions of people the opportunity to build their dream Premier League teams. Pity they can’t do a Fulham and ship a complete team, not allowed!

Given the game’s popularity, Nigeria’s most innovative bank, Wema, through Enovate, a digital platform designed to develop an innovatively vibrant online community, and Lagos State’s foremost and flagship sports entertainment company, SociaLiga, have partnered to give Nigerians the chance the make some Neymar lite cash while playing this game.

This is in their collective bid to foster stronger social interactions, nurture an innovative digital community while promoting ideas via an atmosphere that allows networking.


The league can’t start if you’re not Enovate-d.

Enovate x SociaLiga Fantasy League is not your everyday fantasy football league because there is much at stake here for managers who have successfully Enovate-d their teams, others who haven’t might just be waiting for Malcom at the Ciampiano airport unaware that the mans heading to Camp Nou.

So, with over a million naira in prizes, including cash rewards every other week and month, we at SociaLiga have also decided to add more excitement and spice to the game.

Every game week, there will be a preview and review of happenings in the Enovate-d league as we need to keep everyone up to date as to who the main contenders and strugglers are.

Meanwhile, the deadline for the opening game week is fast approaching, if you do know someone who has not Enovate-d their team yet, please get them to do so before registration closes on Friday.

If you have a Fantasy Premier League team, why play it without Enovat-ing it? I mean, get pocket money for doing what you like because, at this juncture, even us have our team Enovate-d … This largesse shall not pass us by.

Ladies and gentlemen; Shall we Enovate?


This Preview is brought to you by ALAT!