Recently, there has been an obsession with the Fintech industry. If you read this blog regularly, then we’ll have to confess, we are also culprits. Media platforms are quick to highlight innovative services and even money-making opportunities provided by the Fintech industry. Perhaps all this attention on fintech has limited our imagination and prevented us from exploring other viable opportunities. An example of an industry not getting the coverage it deserves will be education technology (Edtech). As you’ve probably guessed, Edtech is the use of technological processes and resources to enhance learning and pedagogy. It also doesn’t hurt that it is considered to be a billion-dollar industry.

Early childhood education specialists understand the importance of using technology to implement evidence-based strategies to foster critical thinking skills, improve literacy and numeracy and enhance the child’s creativity. Many of the world’s universities also provide online courses that give individuals access to higher education regardless of their schedule or location.

In Nigeria, most of us are probably aware of the money realized by brick and mortar educational institutions. But sometimes, we conveniently forget to acknowledge that the capital, risks, professional experience and advanced networking skills required to maintain and ensure the success of such a venture can be daunting. Luckily, sometimes the Edtech space requires more creativity than capital. Here are opportunities to consider if you want to get a piece of the action and even make some money.


Creating educational games

Pedagogy that glorifies rote learning should be sent packing. In the past, teachers felt like rock stars forcing kids to cram and recall definitions or recite multiplication tables- at some point, you probably felt like a jukebox. Luckily the stone age is gone (thank goodness!) and education experts now stress the fact that with the right tools, learning can be competitive, interactive and even addictive. Learning can be as addictive as a video game. Just ask parents with kids in daycare or kindergarten, they will tell you the number of times they’ve been lectured on the importance of game-based learning.

This venture simply involves designing a game that enhances learning outcomes by being interactive and entertaining. Games created should incorporate graphics and videos to spark the imagination of students. Creativity and critical thinking skills are necessary to ensure today’s Nigerian youth can compete and excel in the 21st century.


Providing cloud computing services

You probably love confusing older people by suggesting it is possible to store documents in a ‘cloud’. Well, it is time to stop torturing your elders and focus on using your knowledge to rake in some cash. Some educational institutions are willing to rent or pay for the creation of applications (storage space) that enable them to store and access exclusive documents.

How can this enhance the learning experience of students enrolled?

Printed textbooks are quite expensive when compared to their digital counterparts. Electronic textbooks are easy to edit, publish, update and share, making them a more cost-effective option for students. Cloud computing services can also be designed to control the student’s access to certain information or services- options to either limit, grant or stop access to information stored on the institution’s cloud can be created at the institution’s discretion (either for revenue, security or privacy purposes).


Offering Intranet-based services

Educational institutions can use intranets to provide online courses and assessments for students and staff. The platform can encourage collaboration among teachers, parents and students by encouraging them to share ebooks, videos, articles, reports and other confidential materials designed to enhance the child’s learning experience. Schools can also use them to update documents (employee handbook, daily school activities, classroom curriculum, e.t.c.) available to the staff. The platform ensures the workforce can view the documents easily and be kept up-to-date on their role in ensuring the efficient running of the institution.

The Edtech industry keeps evolving and many opportunities have been presented over the years. Consider providing the services highlighted to get in on the fun. Please drop your comments if there are any other creative services to be explored.