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Musing of a 15year old: The future of Robot Workers

In our nearest future, technology would be so advanced that I would wake up to breakfast made by my robot, Mummy won’t have to drive me to school because the car will have an in-built computer that can control the whole system, from opening doors to driving a long way without stopping. When we order [...]

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FPL Tips: Choosing your Boss on the Pitch

The Enovate x SociaLiga fantasy premier league is here again with game week six (6) and issues that border on who to pick as captain (still) in focus. Last game week, it was a similar problem manager faced especially as the trend of poor points return continued, though not for everyone sha. It was a [...]

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The Teenager Behind Nigeria’s First Bitter Leaf Processing Plant

All right foodies, gather round, cause there’s a new invention in town. Dikanna Onuigbo, a 16-year-old SS3 student of Community Secondary School, Okpuno, just created Nigeria’s first bitter leaf processing machine! Onuigbo was accompanied by his father to present the machine to the Deputy Governor of Anambra, Dr. Nkem Okeke. The Anambra State Commissioner for [...]

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The Disruptive Nature that has Earned Wema Bank a New Title

Wema Bank, the oldest indigenous bank in Nigeria, faced a conundrum for many years: while it desperately needed to achieve profitability by acquiring more customers, it could not afford the massive expense that would be required to expand its network of branches. To make the bank’s situation even direr, the Wema brand is not what [...]

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Think One Bank Fits All, #UniversalBanking

Remember those chargers you got with multiple cords that could charge several phones, 1 charger various cords different phones! That was the beginning of the USB idea, soon phone companies stopped making chargers that were just chargers. We had chargers that worked as USBs too Imagine a big bank hall that has the entire bank [...]

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The Trashy Treasures Sheltering Millions

Reduce, reuse, recycle, bet you never imagined those three words would have anything to do with real estate, much less provide a cost-effective option to owning and even maintaining an aesthetically cosy house. We’ve listened to the tales of woe over and over again, the planet is in danger and plastics are considered to be [...]

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Making Fast Food Even Faster

Can Fast Food Restaurants Get Any Faster? Four MIT Students Are Making It Happen   Recently, thanks to four MIT engineering students- Kale Rogers, Michael Farid, Braden Knight, and Luke Schlueter who were funded by the acclaimed French chef, Daniel Boulud, the fast food industry is getting introduced to what can be called ‘disruptive innovation’ [...]

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Do You Need to be Human to be a Supermodel?

While fashion trends have made significant contributions to the ‘restyling’ of the industry, technology and lately virtual reality, are playing instrumental roles in reorientating the fashion world. Video editing software used to create computer-generated images (CGI) have vastly improved the way clothes are created. Designers can also create and highlight patterns impossible to capture in [...]

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“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world.” – Simon Sinek

Good morning... Have an inspired week!!!

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