Remember those chargers you got with multiple cords that could charge several phones, 1 charger various cords different phones! That was the beginning of the USB idea, soon phone companies stopped making chargers that were just chargers. We had chargers that worked as USBs too

Imagine a big bank hall that has the entire bank represented there, you do not have to drive around looking for a specific bank or ATM, you don’t have to withdraw from one bank and walk into another to pay

Imagine a mall but for banks! And you are at one location where you can compare the different services use any ATM, talk to any customer care agent and it’s like going into Sephora and there’s Fenty Beauty, Urban Decay, Mac and every selection of makeup, skincare, fragrance and more…

So you get updates on foreign exchange, interest rates, loans, insurance, BTA, Travellers’ check and you can each time you go in there’s something to learn, different financial advisers on investments, big screens on updates on world bank, IMF and it’s just like a financial house that is not limited to banking, tellers and annoying security men.

It’s a place students can visit and learn, it’s a competitive space that ensures every bank is at the top of their game, it’s a financial market.

Crazy right? There was a time our parents couldn’t believe you can give someone money without physically handing it over to them but today you walk in a bank you fill a form and someone in Another country gets an alert.

Tomorrow you might walk into a bank and there’s a branch of almost every bank in the world and you can just visit them all in one trip! The bank mall should be a thing.