In our nearest future, technology would be so advanced that I would wake up to breakfast made by my robot, Mummy won’t have to drive me to school because the car will have an in-built computer that can control the whole system, from opening doors to driving a long way without stopping.

When we order pizza for dinner a drone would deliver it to me, through facial recognition so it won’t get cold in traffic. I hope child labour will stop because we have robots to sweep and clean the house.

Crime rates would reduce because hi-tech cyborgs would detect criminals and put them behind bars and prisons that would be hard to break out of.

I’m pretty sure we would have time travel machine which would be restricted to just the military and other high organizations for specific reasons only such as national security.

Flying cars would reduce traffic, but I know it’s mostly the elite that can afford it but if it would mean I won’t be stuck in one spot for hours then I don’t mind

I want high tech holograms so daddy won’t have to travel all over the world for a meeting even when he can be able to watch my recitals

I think it would be cool to have robot waiters, I imagine going to a restaurant and a robot is taking your orders and serving you.

But I get scared if we get too wrapped up in technology a lot of people would lose their jobs, I ask myself where do we draw the line? How do we advance without taking salaries from people’s pockets?

But I’m only 15. I can only imagine.