Building a lasting and reputable brand requires foresight. At 73, and having gone through thick and thin, Wema Bank remains a resolute brand conceived, built and today managed by forward-thinking people.

Characterized by resilience, drive, and innovation, the Bank has at critical times reinvented, strategized and repositioned, ensuring it remains a brand with a rich heritage and of great value.

As we reflect on the many trials and triumphs—from rebuilding our dear bank to launching ALAT—and look forward to a promising future, we’re confident in ability to continually deliver on our brand promise and mission, buoyed that the traits that have brought us this far remain the core of who we are today.

That’s why we can’t stop thinking and won’t stop creating solutions that make banking safer, more convenient and much more rewarding.

We have and will always remain the bank that supports your dreams and aspirations and help you become the better version of yourself

This is what has inspired our 2019 Corporate Campaign.

It is a reminder that in today’s market, where the customer’s needs and desires are increasingly diverse, competition is on the rise, and excellence in richly demanded, we can’t stop and won’t stop being better.

For us, this isn’t an option, it’s a mandate.

We simply Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!