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Can Video Streaming Apps Threaten the Future of Cable TV in Nigeria?

Can Video Streaming Apps Threaten the Future of Cable TV in Nigeria? You may have already heard of iRoko TV and Netflix, streaming applications that are gradually threatening the monopoly of Cable TV networks like DSTV and StarTimes in Nigeria. DSTV and StarTimes have successfully held on to their customer base over the years despite their consistently skyrocketing prices. They even matched [...]

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How Wema Bank Is Redefining Nigeria’s Tech Sector with ‘Hackaholics’

As a mark of its resilience, Wema Bank has over the years proven itself as an incubator of inventions and creative ideas, traits that continue to define its operations long after its establishment in 1945. With the launch of ALAT, Nigeria’s first digital banking platform, the bank extended the limits of experiential banking. Safe to [...]

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How Hackathons Can Help Nigeria’s Tech Sector

  Think of a sprint-like event where creative minds hack into problems and create technological solutions for them? That is exactly what a hackathon is. A marriage of ‘hack’ and ‘marathon’, it is a tech-based competition within a given time frame. What happens during a hackathon? Usually, participants spend a short period of time, mostly [...]

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