They say the future is female, and judging by how women’s ideas are changing the world, that’s true. But the future is also tech.

Yes, artificial intelligence and smart apps will run the way we live our lives tomorrow. But until then, what apps are making lives simpler for the Nigerian woman, or as Fela said, lady?

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we’ve identified some apps that will help our ladies overcome their daily struggles and be their best selves. We know how you have to wake up extra early to start applying your make up, or how picking an outfit for an event can take hours of dressing and undressing and then you might eventually end up getting a new dress afterwards. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.


You get home late at night and you have to be up early in the morning but you’re one of those who has taps snooze when the alarm comes on. Well, the ALARMY app is having none of that your ‘five-more-minutes’ attitude. You, literally, have to take a photo of a certain object before the alarm stops. It works effectively if you pick something distant from your bed, say….your kitchen sink? Don’t choose your pillow oo, that just defeats the purpose…lol.


Anxious about changes in your body? You don’t need to put your man on that tight rope of “Am I fat?” The Clue app will tell you what you want to know without bias and fear of a breakup. The app guides and teaches ladies about changes in their body (because to be honest, sex education class didn’t really teach these things). With tracking options related to literally everything that goes on in your body during your cycle, like your period-induced breakouts or your PMS headaches, this one is pretty legit. Also, for issues that cannot be resolved by the app, there are free consultation tips and contacts to help.


Way too many clothes can be a real issue in wardrobe selection for events and other outings. You don’t know whether to be casual, semi-casual, formal or if you should just kill them. This app enables you to catalogue all your clothes and make an electronic wardrobe. How does it work? You take photos of all your clothes, catalogue them by colour, how frequently worn or any pattern that makes sense to you and from there you can just mix and match. See now? You got your own stylist right on your mobile.


Okay, fitfam-ing can be stress. As much as you want to stay healthy, try the odd occasional exercise, try to eat healthy and timely and keep that coke bottle figure, making it all come together to form a consistent pattern is just ughhhh. MyFitnessPal app is actually your fitness pal…lol…see what we did there? The app basically calculates your daily calorie needs and logs what you eat throughout the day, it also makes tracking food a lot easier thanks to a barcode scanner that helps you input food. So you know the exact nutrients and implication of what you are eating.

In this digital age, you really have to take advantage of any opportunity to make your life easier and the apps are designed to give you one less thing to worry about. Worry about slaying and camera angles and let the apps handle the stressful stuff.