By now, you must have received a WhatsApp voice note, seen a Tweet or Facebook/Instagram post about the “dangers” of 5G network and its relationship with COVID-19.

What is 5G?

5G is a network set to operate on a separate spectrum beyond 3G and 4G. It will usher a new generation of technology by increasing downloads/uploads (up to 1gig per second), connecting mobile devices faster to the internet with little or no lag time and generally allow us to use technology in ways it has never be used before.

Think a zombie apocalypse movie meets a futuristic tech movie where an AI is trying to take over the world. Sounds like something amazing right?

Well, the downside is, several reports have intertwined the new coronavirus pandemic and the launch of the 5G network in many creative ways. Theorists have claimed that just like AI is bound to take over human jobs, 5G network is eliminating human beings with weak immune systems.

Now it’s sounding scary!

Negative vibes aside though, if all this 5G gist is not a hoax, James Bond type cars will be the norm as more driver-less cars will be produced and we can communicate with it just like Siri. The extent and bounds of our imagination will be broken and technology will make virtually everything we think of possible.

There was once a time where Diskettes were the largest storage devices available with a maximum capacity of 30MB at most, now we have storage devices in terabytes. There was a time where having a coloured screen mobile phone was seen as ground-breaking technology, today we can bank from our phones.

To evolve, sacrifices have to be made, the question this time is… Is the price too high?