How We Made Magic at Hackaholics 2019

How We Made Magic at Hackaholics 2019 Hackaholics came to an end and we have been feeling like Magicians of the First Order. More than just a feeling, that is what we are as we made magic at the grand finale on Sunday, March 31, 2019. The 3-day hackathon, hosted at Codeville, our innovation lab, [...]

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How Wema Bank Is Redefining Nigeria’s Tech Sector with ‘Hackaholics’

As a mark of its resilience, Wema Bank has over the years proven itself as an incubator of inventions and creative ideas, traits that continue to define its operations long after its establishment in 1945. With the launch of ALAT, Nigeria’s first digital banking platform, the bank extended the limits of experiential banking. Safe to [...]

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Enovate x SociaLiga FPL Game Week Three: Expect the Unexpected

Asides the competition for the weekly take home, our attention shifts to two managers who took to SociaLiga's social media account to engage each other in a war of words. First up was Johnero CF, managed by John Odujobi, who lamented how he missed out on the list of the winners for one of the [...]

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Blockchain in Banking: Are Nigerian lenders ready?

Truth be told, the underlying principle behind the blockchain technology can be very confusing (trust me, it’s not just you). Traditional and social media platforms have reported a sudden surge in the value of different cryptocurrencies (powered by blockchain technology) and your browser is riddled with banner ads urging you to start trading and become [...]

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Easy and enjoyable office fitness tips

The following phrases are probably familiar -- ‘sitting is the new smoking’, ‘making excuses burns zero calories per hour’, ‘create healthy habits not restrictions’ (you probably get the point). Fitness experts acknowledge the fact that regular exercise helps you stay in shape and increases productivity at work. Refusing to exercise could be putting not only [...]

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Think inside your timebox

The ability to ‘think inside your timebox’ probably seems like a thought provoking or brain stimulating concept popularized by one of the great Greek philosophers (Socrates, Plato or Aristotle) but this is not really the case. Timeboxing is simply a technique used to ensure effective time/project management by allocating a fixed time period called a [...]

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Vibranium is now in Nigeria…somewhere on Lagos mainland

Earlier this year at Lawrence Technological University (LTU), a private institution located in Southfield, Michigan, students who enrolled in two sections of general chemistry courses (University Chemistry I, CHM1213) had to answer a question they never expected in their exam. If vibranium, the wonder-element of the Marvel blockbuster hit Black Panther, actually existed, where would it appear [...]

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2018 FIFA World Cup showcases innovation in football

Football is a big business. Why wouldn't it be? The average audience watching a World Cup stands at 3.5 billion and 1.7 billion for the UEFA Champions League. Another 1 billion people watch the FIFA Confederations Cup and that's not all, the big leagues across Europe attracts huge followership worldwide. The European football market is now worth some $30 billion. Although [...]

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Wanted! The best disruptive startups in Nigeria

AfricaArena, the African tech ecosystem accelerator is looking for the best disruptive startups in Nigeria to pitch at the AfricArena Conference in Cape Town. The conference will take place on November 15 and 16. The selected startups will be flown, accommodated and trained by the AfricArena organization. A pre-selection event will hold in Lagos on [...]

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