Is there a right way to bury plastics underneath the earth?

Plastics are everywhere, your bottles, disposable bags and cups, kitchenware, pipes, the list goes on, and let’s face it, they make life so much easier. However, literally speaking they are everywhere! It’s in the drainages, oceans, landfills, and even being digested by animals. We use it so much we can’t get rid of it. It’s [...]

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Learning in the Bush: How Weird is Forest Kindergarten?

The quintessential learning environment is one that has vibrantly coloured chairs, tables and rugs, beautified with educational posters and flashcards. Of course, all this should be tucked away in a state-of-the-art classroom. Yes, it’s great for kids to have some outdoor time, but what if someone suggested a school where your kids learn outdoors the [...]

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Executive Director, Folake Sanu, on Creating Sustainable Value

For our Executive Director, Folake Sanu, creating sustainable value transcends deep pockets (profit-seeking). It goes beyond that. It requires earning a customer's trust can inadvertently produce foot soldiers (ambassadors of the brand) that accelerate business growth.

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It’s Electric, Automated and Shared: Meet the Future of Public Transportation

Picture waking up, getting in the shower, dressing up, grabbing an amazing serving of breakfast (hey this is your imagination, have fun) and sitting quietly in your living room waiting for the vehicle you requested to take you to work. It arrives in less than 10 minutes, you open the door, type in your location, [...]

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Can we beat cyber criminals at their own game?

We are well aware of the danger that could follow if we get careless with strangers, leave our things lying around, or simply disregard suspicious things in our environment. These days, most of us are connected to the internet and it is imperative to acknowledge that there are proponents of fraud, theft, espionage terrorizing people [...]

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Musing of a 15year old: The future of Robot Workers

In our nearest future, technology would be so advanced that I would wake up to breakfast made by my robot, Mummy won’t have to drive me to school because the car will have an in-built computer that can control the whole system, from opening doors to driving a long way without stopping. When we order [...]

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FPL Tips: Choosing your Boss on the Pitch

The Enovate x SociaLiga fantasy premier league is here again with game week six (6) and issues that border on who to pick as captain (still) in focus. Last game week, it was a similar problem manager faced especially as the trend of poor points return continued, though not for everyone sha. It was a [...]

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